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Del Rio Radar Dome Damaged by Rear Flank Downdraft windsSafety is a fundamental consideration during SKYWARN field operation.  We take this issue very seriously and you should too! For the safety of all and the integrity of SKYWARN, please do not engage in unsafe or unlawful behavior while in the field.

Perhaps the first safety rule to note is:
No spotter/chaser should exceed the posted speed limits at any time.

Public safety officials can and do become understandably irritated with storm spotters and chasers when they deliberately and blatantly disregard traffic laws and property rights.  If you encounter law enforcement officials near a storm, and they are stopping vehicles, be courteous and stop.  Explain to the authorities that you are a SKYWARN trained spotter and you relay all severe weather observations to the NWS for immediate dissemination.  If they refuse to allow you to pass, do not argue.  These people are performing a difficult job under hazardous conditions, and often do not have the time to validate everyone who wants to enter controlled areas.  Give them the benefit of the doubt!

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