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Estimates in GREEN do NOT meet reporting criteria for active weather nets and should not be reported unless asked for.

Common Hail Report Sizes
Pea Size 1/4"
Dime Size (or Penny) 3/4"
Nickel Size 7/8"
Quarter Size 1"
Half Dollar Size 1-1/4

Golf Ball Size 1-3/4"
Baseball Size 2-3/4"

All significant Flooding should be reported

Estimating Wind Speed (Miles Per Hour)
0 Smoke rises vertically
1-3 Smoke drifts but windvanes do not move
4-7 Wind felt on face, leaves rustle
8-12 Small twigs in motion
13-18 Dust raised, loose paper raised, small branches move
19-24 Small leafy trees move, crested wavelets form on water
25-31 Large branches in motion, whistling in wires
32-38 Whole trees in motion, inconvenience felt walking against wind
39-54 Twigs break off trees

55-72 Damage to chimneys, pushes over shallow rooted trees
72-112 Peels surface off roofs, windows broken, trailer homes overturned
113-157 Roofs torn off houses, trailers destroyed, large trees snapped and uprooted
158 & Up Severe damage, cars lifted off ground