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SkyWarn Logo is short for Eastern Oklahoma / Northwestern Arkansas Skywarn.

We are a collection of volunteers and professionals that participate in the Skywarn Concept for the benefit of the counties served by the National Weather Service in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We have a volunteer group of people who serve on an Advisory board with members of the Weather Service and Emergency Managers, spotters, etc... to help improve communication and information flow, adopt and promote standards for severe weather warning networks, and encourage professionalism in the volunteer ranks. We also staff the HAM desk at the NWS Tulsa with qualified volunteer HAM's during severe weather events.

We are NOT a Club or Organization! We have no charter or official structure. We do not recruit spotters or chasers, nor do we organize or direct them exclusively during severe events. However, all persons who participate in Skywarn activities (Emergency Managers, Spotters, Media, Net Controllers, etc...) are encouraged to register in our database so that we can improve communication and knowledge among our various groups and agencies.

More importantly, ALL people in our County Warning Area are encouraged to attent spotter training, and if possible participate in one or more of our committes or activities. There is no exclusivity, formality, or title required for participating.

Instead we expect that people who want to help, make it known to us and come forward to participate on their own.

Of course there are some activities that require you to be geographically in the right place. For instance...Our Net Control group is required to be able to be on site at the NWS office in Tulsa within 30 minutes of notification under normal circumstances. If you live in Far SE Oklahoma this may not be possible. That does not mean that you can not get involved with your local spotter or EOC group and still participate fully. How much you do (or do not do), is directly related to your desired level of participation and of course any credentials needed such as an amateur radio license if needed.

OKARKSKYWARN.ORG is only successful when we have broad, consistant, participation from our many representatives.

We hope that if you are not one, you will become one soon!