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OkArkSkywarn Advisory Comittee

OkArkSkywarn Advisory Chairman - Kelly Baker - N5TUG

Kelly is employed by Oklahoma Property Investors as Property Manager of the Sun Building, at 9th and Detroit. He enjoys a variety of outdoor sports; fishing, hunting, hiking, auto racing to name a few. As a lifelong Oklahoman, he has witnessed the variety of weather this area confronts us with and has gained a tremendous respect for "Mother Nature". After monitoring weather nets on the VHF bands since the 70's, he decided to earn amateur radio license privileges and begin assisting in severe weather spotting. In 2000, recognizing the need for a dedicated group to coordinate severe weather nets and spotting efforts, he and a small number of fellow hams formed the Eastern Oklahoma/Northwestern Arkansas Skywarn Group. The success of that venture has exceeded everyone's expectations. Now, with his ongoing fascination with inclement weather, he continues to be an integral part of the Skywarn process.

NWS Tulsa Warning Coordination Meteorologist - W5SVR
Ed Calianese -

Ed Calianese is the WCM for the NWS TUlsa office.

Ed most recently hails from another great plains severe weather location in Lubbock, TX. where he was the WCM for that office as well. He has been involved in Skywarn since 1991 and actually moved to the great plains from the East Coast specifically to work in severe weather meteorology. He has now landed in Oklahoma which he has described as a severe weather enthusiast's greatest classroom and playground!

It's the passion for understanding and forecasting this type of weather that make great WCM's and we are extremely lucky to have Ed in the Tulsa office! <

EOK/NWAR SKYWARN Advisory Committee - and Webmaster - Steve Bluford - KD5JQG

Steve is currently a Senior Information Specialist for DXC Technologies in Tulsa. He has been active in Skywarn activities since 1997 and occasionally serves as a net controller, when not chasing or spotting storms.

Steve has been the driving force behind our website and it's services. Together with the talented people at the NWS Tulsa Office, Steve has helped create some great tools and features that help protect life and propery, and make the Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas Skywarn one of the best skywarn programs going.