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HAM Radio
Ham Radio operators and Club support from several clubs play a key role in providing and maintaining SKYWARN Radio equipment, staffing Severe Weather Nets, and help out in many other ways. Here is some information on the radio networks that serve Eastern Oklahoma / Northwestern Arkansas SKYWARN.

Tulsa Repeater OrganizationThe Tulsa Repeater Organization
(TRO) maintains and supports our 2M repeater on the 146.88Mhz frequency. Click on their logo to visit their website for more info!

Tulsa Amature Radio ClubThe Tulsa Amateur Radio Club (TARC) provides support for our UHF operations on the 443.85 Super Link. This is our comunication link to most of our North Westerm / Central Arkansas and Southern Oklahoma counties.

Net Control
We have posted some of the proceedures and training materials that we use for severe weather nets and net control under Skywarn Net Info & Protocols), and will be adding many other items of interest to emergency managers and operators. Keep checking back!

If you have items of interest to our community please forward them to our SKYWARN Web Content Group for review. We will publish items that we feel are valuable to this web community.