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Our mission is to improve the overall Skywarn program effectiveness for our communities. We collect and disseminate information and alerts regarding weather, events, and people who participate in Skywarn activities in the counties covered by the National Weather Service Office in Tulsa, OK.

We are NOT a club. We do not organize or direct spotters, nor do we issue ID #'s or membership documents of any kind. We do not solicit money or dues, and we also do not call you to ask you to get involved.

If you want to get involved, we do expect that you call us, or come to the few meetings we have each year and let us know how you can help.  If you are a participant in Emergency Management, Spotting, Chasing, or any other SKYWARN activity in Eastern Oklahoma or Northwestern Arkansas, we WANT your information!   It is highly reccommended that you participated in at least one recognized spotter training class offered by the National Weather Service prior to or as soon as possible! Also please read our Disclaimer and About Okarkskywarn pages, so you understand more about our group.

Just click on this Web Content Group link and send us an email with the subject line of "sign me up!" and list what activities you are involved with. We will reply with how to signup.